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Jungle to Andes Expedition - Venezuela


Crossing the Andes  on Horseback from the rainforest  to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada

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Looking for adventure, for a Latin American journey off the beaten track? Well here is what we have in mind for you:


Few other countries are as unexplored and diverse as Venezuela! With twice the size of France, this exceptional country really has everything to offer; perpetual snow in the Andes, 2.500 km Caribbean coast, vast plains of the tropical Llanos, rainforests, the Amazon, authentic Indian communities, small colonial towns and bustling cities. 


Crossing the Andes from the rainforest to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada on horseback is undoubtedly a fantastic way to discover the secrets of this mountain range. The terrain ranges from tropical jungle to desolate landscapes and dizzying ridges. 



While discovering many streams, wild jungle, lakes and hidden mountain passes of the high Andes you will be experiencing the same odyssey as the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago. All mountain passes, landscapes, flora and fauna have remained the same.

During 9 days you will be far away from modern civilization. Arrieros (Venezuelan farmers) will lead you with their horses and mules through unspoiled nature. The group is entirely autonomous, mules will carry the luggage, field kitchen, first aid kit and all one needs to camp. Yes you will camp 2 nights on this trail ride, while the other nights you will be welcomed with open arms in the cozy and very warm hearted houses of local farmers along the trail.

On average you will spent seven hours a day in the saddle. Starting in the hot jungle climbing the mountainous terrain to the high altitude of 4.340mts. The horses are small but proven as the best 4x4 by far in this difficult and muddy region.  Do not expect great canters on this trail ride, the terrain is too extreme for it, but the beauty and the intensity of trekking, will compensate more than enough the speed.  This is ecotourism at its best. Local farmer families are benefitted and in return you get 11 days of intense adventure!

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