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Who is Who


Horses are our religion - Travel our addiction - Sharing it with you our passion!


WhatsApp Paul:  +55-47-9-9789-8001 (+55 = Brazil)


WhatsApp Simon:  +57-310 2386178 (+57 = Colombia)


WhatsApp Chalas:  +57-313 4967571 (+57 = Colombia)


  • We speak English

  • Nous parlons Français

  • We praten Nederlands

  • Hablamos Español

  • Falamos Português

  • Ons praat Afrikaans

  • Wir sprechen ein wenig Deutsch 

Paul, Chalas or Simon will answer all your questions, emails and phone calls with pleasure. However, as we might be outdoors at the farm or a trail for a week, we might not be able to answer your phone call right away. In that case, it might be wiser to send us an e-mail with your questions. We will do our utmost to reply within the first 24 hours. However, check our Trail Ride Calendar, to see if we are on a trail or not. 


Please remember if you call us that there is a time difference between Panama/Brazil/Colombia and your country.

Entre Orejas S.A. - Panama is allied  with Gaucho do Brasil  and member of ALATCE (Asociación Latinoamericana de Turismo y Cultura Ecuestre)
The Latin American Association of Equestrian Tourism and Culture aims to promote, protect and stimulate the native equestrian culture of Latin America. 
For more info visit  

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