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The Colonial Trail Ride …..  and its Living Legend; The Mangalarga Marchador Horse, Brazil

Discover Colonial Brazil and one of its most precious national horse breeds

Day by day

Day by day:

* Description below is an example of the program. The itinerary can be different during your travel week.

We will do everything possible to follow the indicated itinerary, although spot changes can occur due to unforeseen

circumstances. Rides are subject to change depending on weather, location, accommodation and difficulty of terrain. In the unlikely event that this happens on your trip, we ask you flexibility and understanding.  This is a sporty and adventurous vacation!

Day 1 : Arrival in São Paulo – Transfer to Fazenda da Roseta

Pick up at the International airport of Guarulhos in São Paulo and transfer (3hrs drive) to Fazenda Roseta (fazenda = farm) in the county of Baependi in the state of Minas Gerais. Arrival at the impressive Roseta farm build by Baron Maciel in 1738 . Welcome drink, meet & greet with the guides and assistance team, check in at the rooms and visit the stables and horses you will ride during the trail ride.
Dinner & overnight at the farm.


Day 2 : Fazenda da Roseta – Caixambú – Fazenda da Roseta  (25km)

After a typical Minas Gerais breakfast, we take the old Baron bridle path towards the city of Caxambú, national known for its mineral waters. We will visit a park that has the largest number of different types of mineral waters in Brazil. Caixambú is also home some very high standard breeding stables of Mangalarga Marchador horses. We will visit one of these breeders, where we will have the opportunity to see the best specimens of the breed. We return through a beautiful countryside back to Fazenda da Roseta.

(breakfast, lunch, dinner / Overnight at Fazenda da Roseta)


Day 3 : Fazenda da Roseta – Fazenda São Sebastião  (23km)

After a delicious breakfast we set off towards the cradle of the Mangalarga Marchador horse in Cruzília one of the towns along the Estrada Real / Royal Road. We will ride over mountains and beautiful valleys. In the afternoon we will visit the National Museum of the Mangalarga Marchador horse. After this interesting visit we will taste some the county’s best cheese at the Cruzilia cheese factory. We will reach the beautiful colonial São Sebastião farm where we will be welcomed by Dona Maria Isabel. A dive in the swimming pool, a drink … and dinner & bed at the Fazenda São Sebastião.
(breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at the São Sebastião Farm)

Day 4: Fazenda São Sebastião – Fazenda Morro Grande – Faz. São Sebastião  (18km)

We saddle early today and ride throught fantastic countryside following parts of the Estrada Real and bridle paths to Fazenda Morro Grande, home of several top stallions registered in the elite studbook of the Mangalarga. The genetics of the horses of this farm are present at the main breeding farms of Mangalarga horses throughout Brazil. The grooms of the farm will exhibit us the exceptional horses. And wait, If you want you can ride them!
We will return by taking a trail with spectacular views of the mountains of Minas Gerais and its coffee plantations and reach Fazenda São Sebastião. Aperitif, a swim, dinner and bed at the farm.
(breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at the São Sebastião Farm)

Day 5: Fazenda São Sebastião – Fazenda São Pedro (15km)

After saying farewell to Dona Izabel, owner of Fazenda São Sebastião, we leave for another splendid location; Fazenda Sáo Pedro. Through ancient trails and royal roads, we appreciate the stunning country side of southern Minas Gerais while loving to ride the gaited horses. After a great ride we arrive at Fazenda São Pedro. The colonial farm is now transformed in a splendid and comfortable pousada and has been In the same family for centuries.  What a privilege to be received by Dona Neuza and her daughter Fabíola.
Relax, a drink, a swim, dinner and overnight at Fazenda São Pedro
(Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at Fazenda São Pedro)


Day 6 : Fazenda São Pedro – Fazenda Angaí  (20km)

We leave Fazenda São Pedro behind us and ride through a splendid countryside all the way to one of the most important breeding farms of the Mangalarga horse. The 300 year old Fazenda Angaí, where we will spend the night, is the place where the first Mangalarga Marchador horse has been registered in the books of the association.  A day with a lot of information, culture and a lot of prose around the horse. We will spend the night at this very important colonial farm.
(breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at Fazenda Angai)


Day 7 : Fazenda Angaí – Fazenda Norremose  (15km)

From Fazenda Angaí we set of through the mountains following ancient bridle paths and dirt roads crossing farms where the history of the Mangalarga Marchador horse is till today present. We will arrive at an important studfarm called Fazenda Haras Norremose. 
(breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at the farm Haras Norremose)



Day 8 : Fazenda Norremose -  Fazenda Traituba - Fazenda Favacho  (15km)

We will dawn with the certainty that we are living memorable days! And today is beyond special! Riding our purebred Mangalarga Marchador horses we will travel stretches of the Estrada Real and continue experiencing the history and culture of Minas Gerais. We will ride towards the Traituba farm, which was built to receive the Emperor of Brazil.
After visiting the imperial farm we continue the ride till arriving at the beautiful colonial farm Fazenda Favacho build in 1761.
Aperitif and farewell dinner at the farm and a last night sleeping in a historic farm along the Royal Road.
(breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner / Overnight at Fazenda Favacho)

Day 9 : Fazenda Favacho – Airport São Paulo

After breakfast, we leave with our private shuttle bus to the airport of Guarulhos in São Paulo.
End of the trip

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