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Trail Ride of the Mexican Revolution - México


An 8-day equestrian adventure in the heart of colonial Mexico.



We travel back into time of the Mexican Revolution, following the footsteps of the revolutionary and Mexican hero Pancho Villa to discover a real, authentic Mexico. We take you to the cowboy state Guanajuato, the cradle of Mexican independence.​

Landscapes from a western movie, 16th & 17th century old haciendas, Charros (Mexican cowboys), Quarter horses, Mariachi musicians, Tequila, cacti, colonial villages, fiestas Mexicanas, the delicious Mexican cuisine, sombreros and tanned senorita's, short; no Mexican ingredient missing  on this unique equestrian trip!

Tough dressed local charros (cowboys) lend us their well trained horses and take us on an unforgettable journey in true Zorro style. :)
The journey starts right away in the most beautiful city of Mexico. Upon arrival in Guanajuato (city in the state with the same name) we settle in a cozy colonial hotel ***** located in the colorful historical center. We visit the picturesque town and are immediately captivated by the Mexican atmosphere. The next day it's our turn to be a Charro. Our Quarta the Milla horses (Mexican Quarters) are saddled with large and comfortable Mexican saddles.

Our trail ride begins in Guanajuato and ends one week later in San Miguel de Allende. We follow the old Spanish Silver Route and ride from colonial village to colonial village. Bullet holes in the walls are prove of the turbulent times of the revolution.
Together with the Charro's we cross mountains, ride through rolling countryside and vast prairies dotted with cacti and discover the rural life of Mexico.

On average we spend about 6 to 7 hours per day in the saddle. A good canter deserves always a stop at a local cantina for a Tequila. Now, you feel like being part of that wild west movie!


Every evening we arrive at another hacienda or village, colonial haciendas where time has stopped. Rooms with antique furniture, beautiful patios and large kitchens where mamita transforms  the most incredible dishes out of her pottery. Food in Mexico is like a journey for your palate! From the classic tacos, tortillas, frijoles, burritos, guacamole and an unlikely range of chilli sauces, to the more daring dishes like mole poblano (meat with chocolate sauce) and nopales (cactus) boiled, grilled or raw in salads.

Also drinking in Mexico is of a totally different caliber, Tequila, Margarita and Corona we all know, but when drinking a Michelada = a pint with English Worcestershire sauce, lemon, salt and Tabasco you make better sure that your trousers are stuck in your boots. This not to mention a series of other local spicy cocktails and specialties. Staying at the haciendas and posadas, means 4 and 5 star comfort. Unique and authentic places where few others have been before you.

During our 8 day Charro riding adventure along the historical Silver & revolution route we not only discover beautiful landscapes but we also visit the by UNESCO protected colonial villages of San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo and Guanajuato.
Who ever played Zorro as a child should go on this trip, ... Who loves horse riding and nature should go on this trip, ...Who loves culture and culinary delights should go on this trip, ... Who loves fiestas, Latino music and romance should be on this trip!

Riders, hedonists, this is the trip of your life!  Bienvenidos a Mexico cabrones! 

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