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The Central Colombian Trail Ride, Colombia


The ultimate trail ride for  riders looking for a truly Latin American equestrian experience.



Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus. Its wild and unpredictable geography in combination with its still very present rich history in all towns and cities creates the sort of scenario that most have only dreamed of.


Although its excellent coffee and the purity of its emeralds have made the country famous, Colombia is also the homeland to another treasure; "El Paso Fino Colombiano" one of the most amazing horse breeds in the world! Colombians are crazy for horses.  Fairs, festivals, and horse parades are widely common all over the country. And that’s what this trip is all about, horses!


On his second trip to America, Christopher Columbus took some horses along. These horses were a mix of Andalusian, Berber, and the extinct gaited Spanish horse the Jennet. They formed the basis for the horses with which the Spanish conquered the Caribbean and South America. 


Hundreds of years breeding with those bloodlines, especially in Puerto Rico and Colombia,  optimized the gait, endurance and strength. This is how the Paso Fino, literally translated as The Horse with the Fine Step, has been created. The Paso Fino Colombiano is, despite its sophisticated appearance a very strong horse that was mainly used for long distances. Its smooth and natural gait were much appreciated.

Your equestrian adventure starts  on the eastern highlands of Colombia. Here at Cundinamarca at an altitude of about 2500m above sea level, you will be welcomed with open arms at the colonial Hacienda La Casona by Colombian horse fanatic Ernesto Barreto.

Ernesto, together with his Chalan companion Bernardo ( a “chalan” is a Colombian rider) and tripleader Paul Coudenys will be your hosts and riding guides during your entire riding holiday.  For eight (8) days long you will be immersed in one of the most appealing horse cultures in the world. After a traditional first night at the Hacienda your Colombian criollo horses will be saddled (very comfortable authentic saddles) to leave for a 6-day trip from hacienda to hacienda. (8 days / 7 nights / 6 days on horseback).


On average, you will be about six hours a day in the saddle and make your way along centuries old rolling horse trails, riding through the mountain landscapes of the Cordillera Oriental, crossing the desert of La Candelaria and pulling through the province Cundinamarca to the tropical province of Santander. Of course more than often you will drink a refreshing beer in a picturesque village where you will meet the most friendly Latin Americans of the continent and discover the hidden places of central Colombia.


While off the beaten track in South America you will soon understand why they say; “Colombia, el unico riesgo es que te quieras quedar”  meaning; “Colombia, the only risk is that you want to stay”! And last but not least, on this trip, you will also have the chance to ride a pure bred Paso Fino Colombiano at a renowned breeding stable and experience the smoothness of the gaited Colombian criollo horse, the Paso Fino Colombiano! A unique experience as this horse is so different than anything what you have ridden before,


Es Realismo Magico - It’s Magical Realism! Welcome to Colombia!

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