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Carriage-Driving Holiday in Rural Colombia - Colombia

If you are an avid carriage driver and looking for an off the beaten track carriage-driving holiday, well, then this is it!

Day by day

Day by day:

Carriage-Driving Holiday in Rural Colombia

* Description below is an example of the program. The itinerary can be different during your travel week.We will do everything possible to follow the indicated itinerary, although spot changes can occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Rides are subject to change depending on weather, location, accommodation and difficulty of terrain In the unlikely event that this happens on your trip, we ask you flexibility and understanding.  This is a sporty and adventurous vacation!

Exclusive – Private – All in – A la Carte Travel Dates!

Day 1 : Bogotá – Ubaté – Hacienda La Cabaña

Meeting at the hotel in Bogotá.
Road Transfer Bogotá – Ubaté - Hacienda La Cabaña.
Visit of Heavy Draft horse farm with vintage carriages.
Accommodations the Colonial Hacienda La Cabaña.


Day 2 : Hacienda La Cabaña

During the morning an approach to the horses and Introduction to the Driving.
Learn how to assemble a set of harness and fit to horse.  How to 'put to' to a 4 wheeled vehicle.  How to hold the reins and guide the horse in the direction and pace you require in the safe confines of our premises.
In the afternoon we will go for a test drive in the surroundings of the Hacienda to flavor the fun of the coming days.
Accommodations Hacienda La Cabaña.


Day 3 : Hacienda La Cabaña - Hacienda Ticha.

30 km Approx.

Start of a great week of carriage driving visiting different colonial Haciendas and discovering rural Colombia. We drive through the green plains of the Ubaté valley surrounded by mountains until we reach the Hacienda Punta de Vega where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit drive through a more mountains landscape always taking secondary roads & dirt roads until we reach Hacienda Ticha, one of the oldest haciendas of the region.  

Day 4: Hacienda Ticha - San Miguel Hacienda Cascadas.

5 Km Approx.

In the morning we have a route that takes us from the department of Cundinamarca to the Department of Boyacá, with a unique view of the lagoon of Fúquene.
Lunch for this day is a delicious mountain picnic.
In the afternoon we will arrive at the Hacienda Cascadas where the owners are breeders of draft horses.
Accommodation at the Cascadas Hacienda.

Day 5: Hacienda Cascadas San Miguel de Sema - Hacienda Potosí.

23 Km Approx.

In the morning we will follow and abandoned train track.
Along the way we will take time for a cultural visit to the artisans of Junco or Totora at the Laguna de Fúquene. In the afternoon we will drive through the mountain and we will arrive at the Hacienda Potosí, a hacienda full of history around the draft horses and Founders of the association of heavy draft horses in Colombia.
Presentation of traditional music and dance of the region.
Accommodation Hacienda Potosí.

Day 6 : Hacienda Potosí - Hacienda La Cabaña.

25 Km Approx. 

In the morning we will travel along old colonial farm roads until we reach the town of Ubaté, a town with history around the horse. In the afternoon we will complete our last drive until we return to Hacienda La Cabaña. Dinner and accommodation at the Hacienda la Cabaña.


Day 7 : Hacienda La Cabaña – La Esperanza - Guasca

Today we will visit a farm that works still actively with draft horses.
Road Transfer from Hacienda La Cabaña in Ubaté to the farm La Esperanza near Guasca.
We will have an active participation at the farm "La Esperanza" that till today does all its agricultural work with draft horses. Pasture cutting as spraying and plowing will be some of the activities. Accommodation at (Guasca) Hacienda Doña Cleta.
Farewell dinner.


Day 8 : Guasca – Bogotá

Road Transfer back to Bogota after breakfast. 

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